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Do your messages miss the target or fall on deaf ears?
Find buyers, not browsers!

At best, adverts, mailshots and even pay-per-click ads only target people who might be interested in your product.

But Gettus! enables you to promote your products to people who are actually ready to buy what you sell.

Are you paying for marketing even when it fails to deliver?
Pay a fee only when you sell!

With most types of marketing, you pay a fee regardless of the results – so if not made a sale, wasted your money.

But with Gettus! you only pay each time you actually sell something – and even then it.s just a small commission.

Do marketing costs mean your margins are squeezed?
Cut your costs and your prices!

Recouping the cost of your marketing through the price of your products can make you less competitive and drive customers elsewhere.

But Gettus! slashes your customer-acquisition costs, giving you the scope to reduce prices and secure more sales.